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ALL ABOARD for an exciting adventure in the Motherland!

Villa Sankofa provides Day Trips to visit Ghana’s ecotourism attractions that you will thoroughly enjoy!

The Boabeng-Fiema Monkey Sanctuary

These monkeys are very sacred to the villages around and are protected. They come and go freely into the villages in search of food and live side by side with the villagers. They live to a very old age and are given their own cemetery.


You won't want to miss visiting the Kumasi Central Market, the Largest and Busiest Outdoor Market in West Africa and The Manhyia Palace and Prempeh II Jubilee Museum

Visit the Villages that produce the Adinkra and Kente Cloths

where you can see Ghana’s most famous crafts and artworks and witness these talented craftsmen in action.

Lake Bosomtwe

Formed by the impact of a meteor, a very tranquil place where you could simply forget all your troubles.

Cape Coast

The Cape Coast is approximately 3 hours away from Kumasi, visit the Elmina Castle which was built by the Portuguese in 1482 and a prison for slaves before they were shipped off to the new world. 

Kakum National Park

Ghana's natural rain forest and famous national park is located close by. The Kakum National Park is an approximately 1000 feet long aerial walkway via the rope bridge over the tropical rain forest which shelter many species of birds, butterflies and many rare specimens of reptiles and mammals.

Festivals and Events

The Adae Kese Festival is a very important, albeit rare, celebration of the Ashanti. 

It is held in large open space in the capital city of Kumasi. The festival is normally well attended and embraced by Ashantis from all walks of life. Basically, the Ade Kese celebrations are magnified forms of Sunday Ade festivals, celebrated every six weeks in accordance with the Akan calendar which is based on a cycle of forty-two days and nine months in a year.

Schedule your visit to coincide with an Akwasidae Festival, (Sunday Adae). You can determine the Akwasidae dates by counting 6 weeks down the calender from 1 Adae. Example, in 1991 the dates were: January 6, Feb. 17, March 31, May 12, June 23, August 4, Sept. 15, Oct. 27, December 8th.

Tour Rates

Half day Tour in Villa Shuttle Bus: $60 plus fuel + 17.5% VAT
Full day Tour $110 plus fuel, driver’s lunch and 17.5% VAT