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Sosorrella Drinks

Villa Sankofa is all about relaxation, healthy food and healthy living.  In the tropics part of relaxation is always having something cool to drink.  At Villa Sankofa we take that very seriously and put a healthy spin on things.  We produce and bottle our own Sorrel Drinks.

Sorrel has been associated with many health benefits and many parts of the plant are claimed to have medicinal properties.

Potential health benefits:
Sorrel has been associated with many health benefits and many parts of the plant are claimed to have medicinal properties. The plant itself is from the Hibiscus family and the part called the Calyces is pact full of nutritious minerals such as vitamin C, Calcium and many others. Perhaps the most interesting compounds found in sorrel are called Flavonoids another is Myrtillin.

Myrtillin is a compound that tends to stabilize blood sugar which otherwise fluctuates and that it spares insulin. The Flavonoids which give the sorrel its deep rich color are widely recognized as a powerful antioxidant and a likely contributor to improved immune function. Preliminary research indicates that flavonoids may modify allergens, viruses, and carcinogens and so may be biological response modifiers. In vitro studies show that flavonoids also have anti allergic, anti inflammatory, anti microbial, anti cancer and anti diarrheal activities.

Consumer and food manufacturers have become increasingly interested in flavonoids for their possible medicinal properties, especially their putative role in inhabiting cancer or cardiovascular disease. Hibiscus sabdariffa has also shown in vitro antimicrobial activity against E.coli. Extracts of H sabdariffa also exhibit activities against atherosclerosis, liver disease as well as diabetes.

From Mexico to Mali and from Sudan to China Hibiscus especially Roselle/sorrel is being used extensively in folk medicine as a diuretic, mild laxative, and treatment for nerve and cardiac diseases. It is also used to treat urinary tract infections.

With its list of proven and potential health benefits and its unique aroma and flavor Sosorella sorrel drink pacts an enormous punch, there’s a lot of good stuff in that bottle, so drink up and form the habit of a lifetime.

How it is made: Sosorella sorrel drink is made simply by blending together the hibiscus sabdariffa extract and ginger extract into one mixture. It is then sweetened bottled and refrigerated to produce a unique, refreshing and totally natural beverage.

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